Horsey, NO!


Last weekend we had the treat of my dad and stepmother visiting us in Phoenix. Max was in charge of showing them a good time. He did a swell job. 


We participated in our community yard sale while there were here and got to know lots of our new neighbors. They are all awesome, by the way, they organized a BBQ, bouncy house for the kiddos, and all manner of games and frivolity. Max had a blast. He also snagged this new desk from the neighbors yard sale. The most fun was getting rid of an entire ROOM full of clutter at our sale. It proved to be a wonderful kick-start to my many life and home simplification goals.


We took Max to the local train park, too. He loved the train but hated the carousel. He loves the nice, shiny horse until it began bobbing up and down. Then he yelled, "Horsey, NO!" He was clearly in it for the balloon. If you're ever in the area, it's an amazing park. 

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