Sometimes, I Panic

We all panic sometimes. Today I panicked. Panicked about our new house. Panicked that no body loved me. Panicked that I'm driving across many states alone with the baby. Then I saw some old friends and their super cute nuggets for lunch. Then, I bothered Christina at work. Upon our departure, I let the baby lock himself in the car in 110 degree heat and convinced him to open the door while on a stranger's telephone to the fire department. I could see a large metal rod across the street and was preparing myself to grab it a break a window. It's good that Max is smarter than I am. He had a big laugh over the whole thing. I needed to be tranquilized with a dart. Instead, we went to visit my friend Amy, my little sunshine when the world gets dreary. Then, I passive aggressively purchased those shoes that have toes in them because Mr. Newsfeed hates them with the fire of a thousand suns. BTW, my feet feel awesome in them and I think they help my back.

 So, that's why you don't have pictures of Max putting his little car together yet.

 Except this one.


 But it's also why I'm so, so greatful to have the most wonderful amazing friends ever. EVER. I absolutely do not deserve them, but I'm glad they continually see fit to ignore this fact. There's so little in life that means as much as a sincere hug from the people who love you on a terrible day.




This is Max. Max is waiting for his ride to be washed and buffed to a high sheen at the car wash.


This is Max having a keen time in the IKEA. 


We're ready to leave, and while we're checking out, a massive cloud of dust rolls into the automatic doors of the store and cover everything in sight. People are running for their lives into the doors from the parking lot because there's a 

This is a giant dust storm that we sometimes get in the desert. This one was by far the worst I'd ever seen. It consists of two seconds of rain followed by a cloud of dust that coats the entire city.

Including Max's freshly sheened vehicle.

Uncool, Haboob.

I stole this photo from the Assosicated Press so that you can get a better idea of this cloud of dust engulfing the nugget and I-- along with the rest of the city.

Deal with it, Assosiated Press.


So, Max and I were trapped in IKEA eating hotdogs and sitting in all the baby chairs for another TWO HOURS after our shopping was complete waiting for the storm to die down enough so that we could make a run for it. I placed Max in the shopping cart and ran as fast as I could while telling him to close his eyes and mouth. 

Of course flying across a parking lot in a shopping cart makes Max laugh hysterically.

Basically, Max loves haboobs and I do not.

Hope you enjoyed all the baby curls, team. Because in tomorrow's pictures, they've vanish.


Vehicular Chicken Slaughter

Some people teach their children to read at two. I play a game with Max wherein I say "baby HAT" and he has to put whatever he might be holding onto his head. 
Then we both shriek with laughter. Watch out Harvard Law.
Oh, and I've also trained him to carry my purse in the crook of his little arm.
Mr. Newsfeed HATES this. You are welcome, Max's future wife.

We spent the 4th with all my favorite ladies. Christina and Emily held an Americana party at their house.
We planned to wear aprons and Christina made amazing homemade pie. AMAZING. I have dreams about that pie. We also ate every delectable treat Trader Joes produces. Because what's more American than gluttony?

That was until..
Max and I went home to change clothes for the party. 
We live on the farming side of town. We were headed down our street, back to the party when out of nowhere, a renegade chicken (who'd OBVIOUSLY been celebrating too much* glug glug)
scampers out into the road. We see him and try to swerve.

Feathers. Everywhere.
We'd only lived on our street for a few days before I had to go door to door admitting to the neighbors that we had murdered someone's chicken with our Jeep Grand Cherokee in order to find the chicken's family. 

When we got back to the party, everyone was very sensitive about the whole ordeal. They all made dead chicken jokes at my expense culminating in an elaborate paper chicken greeting card that Emily made me.

The pie was the only thing that could calm my nerves. 

What is your most embarrassing awkward neighbor moment?


Here's Some Nugget... Now Please Cool It With the Death Threats to my Inbox

Welcome to Nugget-Pollooza 2011!

Everyday this week, we'll have a fresh batch of the Nugget-lovin' you've demanded. 
Here's what you may look forward to this week on the Newsfeed:

Today- The Nugget Drives to his new home in Arizona
Tuesday- The 4th of July: My LittleYankee Doodle Nugget
Wednesday- The Nugget Takes Over IKEA During the Haboob!
Thursday- Max Builds His Own Car and Drives Off Down the Street
Friday-  General Nugget Antics
Saturday-- It's Back to Business as Usual: Outfit Post!

The week before we leave Oklahoma, we hang out with some of our favorite peeps. Max plays house.
Max says good bye to his best little buddy in the world. Don't you want to squish his chocolatey little face! In case you are wondering how any baby could be so super cute, it is because he has the most adorable momma EVER.

Along the way to Phoenix, we stopped to see one of my BFF's 4L, Tina Bond. That is not an alias. She's a real life Bond girl. (i.e. She's fantastic and Max and I got to sleep in the super sweet princess room of her palatial mansion.) 


We, of course, had the obligatory stop at a Cracker Barrel that one must make on a long, interstate voyage.


Max spent much of the drive rocking out to the sweet tunes I was spinning. He was bobbing his little noggin to this classic of course until I got the camera out. Then he began to smile and "cheese it" at me. Little ham.


This is Max reuniting with his Arizona aunties for the first time. Allow me to answer your questions preemptively. Yes, those are tiny moccasins. Yes, that is, in fact, the exact face people make when greeting Max. He's like a giant kitten that people have to get their hands upon-- even if they aren't that into kittens. 
This blesses us in many ways because we have a never-ending supply of babysitters. I've honestly never had a single soul turn down a request to watch Maxwell. More often than not, people say something to the effect of "I was only going to a wedding/funeral/birth. I can cancel. Please bring him over as quickly as possible."


Max and Polly resting up from the trip in their new abode.

We've got a week of Max-o-palloza coming up so stay tuned.

Coming up this fall... you can look forward to:

Adventures in Phoenix (i.e. Max and I mapping the best cupcakes, vintage shops, farmers' markets, theaters, etc. in this town)

Photography and Photoshop shortcuts: Max and I have finally learned to shoot outside the realm of the Automatic camera setting and it's not nearly as difficult as we had imagined.

Detailed ways in which we've simplified our lives lately and the subsequent freedom and happiness it's caused us. (We wish all the same happiness for you.)

but what you'll really see a lot of is...

lots of goofy stuff we make up along the way.

What are some funny things you'd like to see the Nugget try out this fall?

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