Lazy Sunday.

Top: Ann Taylor LOFT, Skirt: Local boutique in PHX, Cardigan: Alternative Vintage Soft, Tights: Simply Vera at Kohls, Shoes: Dillards

Here's the get up I wore to church today. I think I was the only one in the chapel wearing two differing shades of purple. Who knew how much purple tights could cheer my heart today?Also this skirt is pleated with the seams sewn on the outside so at least one person always tries to help me by letting me know I have it on wrong side out. That's how you know who your true friends are.  Luckily, we kept the cheer going when we got home because the Nugget wanted to fly kites. We were both entangled in string for hours, because somebody kept letting the kite go and giggling hysterically while someone else chased it down the street. I won't say who did what, but the giggler's name starts with M and end with an AX. Well, I suppose there was ample laughter on both our parts. Luckily we extricated ourselves in time for the RED CARPET DRESSES! the Oscars. Best Dressed goes to... and this is as much of a shock to me as it to you... one Mandy Moore. I'm talking about the amazing blue number she sang in and not the set of sparkles she wore on the red carpet.

Who won your "Best Dressed at the Oscars" Vote?!


We're Back and Better. Than. Ever.

Max and I have been cut off from the world all week. Mr. Newsfeed was out of the state doing business-y things during all the political mayhem in Indianapolis. Before he left, Max took my Blackberry. Why would I blame the innocent little babe, you may ask? Because Homeboy has done it before. Blackberries get tossed in the trash while we're not looking around here and are settling in the local landfill before you can say "$50 replacement fee." I turned the house upside down, the cars inside out. Nuthin'.

Anywho, we were staying close to home because we didn't want to get caught out with no way to call anyone. On Wednesday, the car key went MIA. Then I crawled behind the couch and waved my white flag called Candice with my fax machine (I know!) and she brought over our extra key and we all went out for cookies as big as your head. Sainted. Woman. That's Candice.

So today, with Papa Elmo back in the nest, we all made our way to the Apple store. Saturday at the only apple store in town is a less than desirable place to be. Anthony had 2-4 aneurysms while talking to 4-6 pimply faced kids who could have teched the both of us under the table with ipod nanos with taped over their eyeballs. Max and I are are way more easy going. Max sat atop a squishy ball while I helped him compute.

I'm now the proud owner of a brand new iphone. Now, for the important part. She needs an outfit.

Time to weigh in and let me know which one you pick. Quickly. This phone is in imminent danger now that it's living in Casa de Elmo. It's under Max Law. Just like the rest of us.


Don't Ever Give Up, Nugget

We've been goofing around here at the Newsfeed a LOT lately. 'Cause that's how we do. 

I want you guys to consider something serious today, though. When you're going through a tough time in your life, look at yourself through your mother's eyes. To her, you are everything, even if she can't tell you herself anymore for one reason or another. When I look at this picture, my heart is full. There are no bounds to the love and admiration a mother has for her baby. To her, you can do anything.

Dear Baby,

 You are special. I could feel your beautiful spirit in my tummy before you were even born. You are here in this life to accomplish great and wonderful works. Sometimes, sweetheart, there will be people in this world who are so full of pride, so brutish, so angry about their own circumstances that they may try to take it out on you. They might try to crush your dreams, break your heart, or tell you that you're not who you know you can be. I want you to know from me that I know better. I can feel how strong you are. I can see how people are drawn to you . You are a tiny sun, burning brightly, lighting the world, warming hearts, and changing lives. Know that you've changed our lives forever. I'm so privileged to be here with you everyday, baby. No matter what happens, don't ever lose that light in your eyes. Do not ever, ever, ever give up.



Don't Mess This Up

 Here at the Newsfeed, we only tackle the truly important issues. So, please help me choose my new glasses.

(click a photo to enlarge)

Option #1
When I start my gang, our call sign is going to be a cupcake. The hand-sign is me frosting a cupcake and placing it on a decorative doily.

This company sends you five pairs of your choosing to try-on. As in, to your front door. As in, you don't even have to lug a toddler all over town to try on glasses. You keep them for five days and see how your face gets along with them. These people need to talk to the shoe people at Nordstrom and tell them what's what. 

It's free dollars and free cents to do this.
 Plus, they arrive in three days inside this slick box.
Then you pack 'em up and ship em back with a sticker that comes IN THE BOX.
Plus, this adorable and altruistic company donates a pair of glasses to someone who can't afford glasses every time you buy a pair. So, what I'm saying is, I pretty much collect these glasses now. Stamps are so last year.

Skirt: Urban Outfitters. Belt: came with a dress. Shirt: Mrs. Elmo original. Necklace: F21

These are the ones I'm wearing today (pair #4). Nerd goggles are even better with this astoundingly nerdy shirt I made in college when I wanted to be an electron for a costume party. I wore it with an adorable American Apparel stretchy skirt and put glow necklaces in my hair. I even printed my date a proton shirt. He didn't get it. Now you all know how MUCH of nerd I truly am. I should have named this blog Chemistry, Cupcakery, and Child Wranglin'. 

 Ok, now say which pair of glasses you think I should buy at the same time as the Nugget.
All Of Them!

*The good people at Warby Parker and their affiliates have no idea who I am and didn't ask me to prattle on about how much I like their glasses. I asked their permission to post images of myself wearing them on the interwebs (because I don't technically own them yet), but that's just because one of my favorite activities is getting NOT sued. Because anyone with any sense would sue for the Nugget.


We will. Shop you. Date night.

So far my blog attentions have been divided between the nifty thrifty and high fashion dream dates with ruffles and bows floating on a cloud of Chanel Number Five. There's a middle ground there, though, that often gets overlooked by even the craftiest of fashionistas.

One of my very favorite shopping strategies is to seek out sweet discounted finds from high-quality, high-volume retailers (like the stores you would find in every shopping mall in America.)

 Today's round of fantasy shopping goes like this... there is an abundance of stock left over at the end of seasons that change really quickly in that world. I worked in one of these joints many, many years ago.  Victoria's Secret. I won't say which one.

Let's Call This Haul : DATE NIGHT

The shoes. Those heavenly shoes that could twirl me around the dance floor, were originally almost $200. 

They have to get it outta there, STAT. A shirt can be full price one day and hanging on the sale rack for a third of the cost the next. I always felt like a criminal letting someone pay full price for something I knew would have been resigned to an overstuffed sale rack the very next day. Now that we can all play this little game with retailers on-line anytime of day or night, the time is ripe to peruse what's out there screaming to be taken off the retailer's hands. You are the shark attack here. 

The perfectly pink shirt was $80, now it's TEN.

That's where you step in and happily oblige them.... for PENNIES on the dollar. Our target today is Ann Taylor's on-line sale. I know what you're thinking. "This girl is 26, and has turned in her fashion-forward, fun young lady card. Get this woman some spanx, and put her out to pasture." It's not your momma's store anymore, girls. Our day for quality fabrics and cuts at a deep discount is upon us, and they come through with a few styles that say young and fun -- not "high school principal"-- most every season. P.S. I love Spanx. Just sayin'.

The front of that blazer has adorable, subtle bunching on the lapels. I couldn't do that to you, though. If I had shown you the front, you'd be over there at Ann Taylor.com right now irresponsibly typing your Visa account number into an irresponsible field. 

 That jacket is still a little spendy, but look at that perfect, super flattering tailoring. Someone stole my waist. I'm busily looking for it. I think it's in that blazer. 

There's the little culprit now. I'm gonna pinch your cheeks so bad you little waist-thieving monkey. Momma loves you and wouldn't trade you for a Scarlet O'Hara-like waist.

The point of this little exercise is this:

A big lesson I have learned over the years is that being thrifty doesn't always mean buying a cheap, disposable wardrobe. It must also means being careful and resourceful--- so that you get the most bang for your buck. When you do invest in classic, quality wardrobe staples (at deeply discounted prices because you are savvy like that)  that will stay with you though years of wear, you are still saving yourself some serious cash-o-la. 

Where do you guys go for the best sales on things you know you'll love for years to come?


Off to grandma's house-- then to Uncle Karl's.

So, I don't often get too worked up about upcoming films. I'll see 'em if I see 'em. Whatever. However, since I first saw a teaser for the upcoming "Red Riding Hood" movie....I've been like a teenage girl waiting outside the movie theater that's playing "Breaking Dawn" on opening weekend.

Fine. I've been like ME waiting for "Breaking Dawn." Let's don't get too caught up in all my comparisons.

Anyway, the costumes look dreamy. And I fantasize about having Amanda Seyfried's head of hair for my very own head.  If there were an oscar for best hair in all of history--- well then, at least, someone would have said one nice about  the "Mama Mia" movie.

I digress.

I'm going. I'm getting a baby sitter and I'm going. Who's coming with me? Here's a peek.

So, I'm planning my fairy tale wardrobe. You know, for when the Electric Elmo Newsfeed gets turned into a fairy tale. Right after I write it. So that I can wear this...


No one says fairy tale like Chanel. These looks are from the SS11 Haute show, not so many fashion weeks ago. They are like cupcakes for my eyeballs. I love all of the edgy looks coming out of London fashion week, but the warmer temperatures we've been experiencing lately are making me crave the pale, pale pinks of the spring shows. Yum. 

Now, in my little fairy tale, I'll need something to wear after my fall from princess-y grace, and before the handsome and rougish Prince Elmo comes to rescue me from the evil wolves or ninja dwarfs or what-have-you. I'm thinking the Chanel Cruise '11 show will do nicely.


And Mrs. Elmo lived, happily, ever after. 

With one jr. tiny, ninja dwarf to do her bidding. 


The Day My Life Became Too Much Fun

I've been asked to help plan a wedding. It's a year from now. It has an Irish theme. Let's all just take a moment to consider this and what it means.


Oh, my. This is wonderful.


Those kids are disco dancing. They're tired of rock n' roll.

What's with all this fashion talk on the "Newsfeed" these days, Mrs. E? What are you talking about, and who cares? I thought you cared about medicine and world issues AND posting lots of pictures of baby Maxwell for us to see? What gives? Don't you know that people are revolting abroad AND now on American soil? 

Yeah, I know. I know and I care very much. My heart goes out to those who are thinking about fighting for and WINNING the right to live as they believe they should today. I'm not in anyway trying to be insensitive by making silly attempts to entertain you with my little blogity here. I'm just doing a lot of thinking these days about my life and life in general. I want Max to have the wonderful sort of life that I've had, one in which he's taught to celebrate the human spirit. 

The human spirit is resilient and hopeful. It cries out in the face of pain. It moves inward in protection of itself. We strive to find an outlet for that pain or joy, a way to connect with our fellow humans who might be on the same journey and feeling the things we feel. 

Art has been that outlet for me in my life. One of my favorite forms art is fashion. I love learning about celebrated designers. I love the way art can be accessible to anyone through fashion. No matter if you are young, old, wealthy, poor, silly, or serious, you have the ability to express your personal style through the way you clothe yourself. 

Don't mistake me. I don't think anyone should "live and breathe" fashion. I don't think anyone should live and breath anything but the focus we should all have on becoming who we truly are and living the way we know we should live. I don't believe that personal style, or anything else for that matter, is a suitable substitute for your personal quest for faith and understanding. I will never call fashion any of these things. 

What learning about fashion and celebrating your personal style are indeed suitable for is this: expressing yourself in such a way that you can inspire and connect with others in a way that you cannot without an understanding of it what fashion really means.

"Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity."
Coco Chanel

So thank you for reading my thoughts on the matter and for continuing on this journey with me. Hopefully we can all explore a few ideas and different kinds of inspiration together. Hopefully, we can all become more inspired because, truthfully, there's no other way to live. 

All My Love, 


Paisley Pair Love

Listen, I love etsy just as much as the next housewife... but this...

Childhood Memories
 This, is special.

 This is fashion for your kitchen. 

 How perfect is this make-up bag?

perfect pink
I would invite people over for cookies if I had these in my kitchen. Who am I kidding, I'll probably invite people over for cookies at any rate. Ok, maybe they'll be cupcakes. Maybe not. 

I found these while averting my eyes from pictures of the Marc Jacobs show at NYFW. I was overwhelmed. Not in a good way. The man is clearly a fashion genius. My tiny, little Midwestern brain and sensibilities are just too rooted in the heartland right now to comprehend it all. Often, I love his show. This go 'round it's not doing it for me. It's not him. It's me. Hopefully, we can still be friends.

This etsy shop, however, is deeply impressing me. I find it inspiring. I feel like I could unpack my house after moving in over a month ago. I feel like I could settle in and decorate if all decor were fun like these pair towels. How perfect. How unpretentious and brimming with frivolity they are. 

You should check out the rest of this shop. Click on the links under the pictures to find it. I bet you can't guess what I ordered. Or maybe you can. Take your best shot. 

*I'm sure this post sounds like I'm getting a commission. I attest that no one bribed me in any way to bring these crafties your way. I did ask the crafter for permission to use her pictures. Other than that, she has no idea who I am.


Blonde Salad

Fashion Week coverage is all over the place. One foxy, Italian lady is doin' it right. 

Chiara over at the Blonde Salad is having adventures about which little house fraus like myself can only dream. Her style is the perfect mix of originality and ladylike grace. I love reading her thoughts on the fall shows. Oh, and she writes her blog in English and Italian. Outstanding. I barely speak English. 

Although, I know a little fashion forward somebody who's been rockin' this look since Friday. Clearly, he's way ahead of the game.

Clearly, he feels infringed upon.

Here's a taste of Chiara's coverage of the FW11 Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti show. The gold lamé dress. Tri-strap Mary Janes. Oh my... the old lady in me is twitter-pated. The old lady in me is in charge most of the time. During craft time, nap time, and New York Times crossword time she's in heaven. Having a baby has almost completely destroyed the time allotment for these activites, so the old lady in me is crying out. She's saying, "I want to wear that dress. And those shoes. And some orthopedic insoles to put in there. And some metamucil." 

The Blonde Salad

Happy Wednesday to All of You! Thank you for reading!The old lady in me is much obliged.



Tidy Up Tuesday Tutorial

Alliteration makes me all tingly. Anywho, guess what else floats my boat? A little obsessive compulsive indulgent behavior.  I love to see things organized and germ-free. It makes me feel warm, calm, and smiley. At my house, I don't have to go to far to find a mess to conquer--- usually courtesy of the Nugget or Hubins. 

However, this one is all ME.

My train case needs some serious love. Not only is it fun to have a tidy make-up organization system, but there's no reason to let bacteria live on things that touch your lovely, lovely face. 

First order of business is your brushes. I spray my brushes with an anti-bacterial daily brush spray after each use, but once a week, those babies deserve a nice bubble bath. When I'm just washing them for my own use, I use a high quality shampoo to remove oils and make-up and follow up with a light conditioner on the natural hair brushes. However, this time I'm gearing up the arsenal to do a friend's make-up so I brought in the big guns. 

Here's what you need:

  • teensy dab of dish soap (to remove oils)
  • teensy dab of disinfectant (to kill germs)

Step 1:Fill a dish with hot water and the two soaps. I'll recycle. I'll buy organic produce. Just leave me alone with my toxic chemicals while I'm cleaning things.

Have your assistant sort out the brushes for you. Maybe offer him some assistance himself if it seems that he has too much eyeshadow on his face to be effective at this.

Dunk 'em. Allow them to enjoy their soapy, little hot tub for an hour or so. Rinse them in cold water like your hair to keep them sleek and shiny.

Squeeze them out, and lay them on a paper towel to dry over night. 

Step: 2  
Throw in those sqeeky clean and dry brushes after you've removed everything from your case, thrown away expired or extraneous make-up, and wiped the container down with disinfectant wipes. A warm, soapy cloth works as well if you are prepared to let it dry. At my house, I have a ten minutes tops for a project before my assistant is on to the the next thing and starts demanding almond milk in protest. 

Sort your make-up into groupings according to purpose:





Then, fill 'er on up.

Almost there...

And shazaam! Your make-up case isn't going to be the only one lookin' good.
Go on with yo'self.

Email me your pics of your Tidied-Up Make Up and I will post it before the tutorial next week. Now get busy.
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