We Have a Dream

The Nugget and I have been hatching a plan to go on an adventure. Everytime I've ever seen a beautiful, gleaming silver Airstream, I've fantasized about traversing the country dressed as Lucille Ball in "The Long, Long Trailer."


Then, more recently, I've been inspired by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky, who for lack of a reason not to, took a voyage in a Winnebago Brave. Amazing. You have to check out her story!

Elizabeth and her Brave

More and more lately, Max and I have been talking about embarking on our trip sooner rather than later.

Here are some other folks who also love the Airstream lifestyle. All these photos are from "Airstream Life's" flikr stream. It can be accessed by clicking on any of the images.

Connie Ferrell in her
Airstream Caravanner

Super's 1973


Inside the 1969
Airstream Tradewind 2

This is an amazing slideshow you have to see about a fellow who completely redesigned his Airstream to fit his needs and personal style.

There's just something so completely appealing about stripping your life of all unnecessary belongings and hitting the open road. Max and I would love to redesign one of these bad boys from the sixties, hook it up to our Jeep, and be on our way for a month or two. Maybe we'll even hit some campaign stops to knock doors like the old days ;)

Now, we want to hear about your craziest dreams. Let's hear it, come on...

Hey Sailor, I Have Amazing News

Hey Kids! My heart is overflowing with gratitude this week.

First off, I really appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for the Nugget. You are all so wonderful to call and write in support, and I can't tell you how much I needed it or how much it meant to me.

taken by Candice Palmer

Secondly, he was given a clean bill of health by an expert in the field. We couldn't be happier to hear this news after so many tears of worry and sleepless nights. My heart feels like it's going to burst of relief today. The specialist attributed the lack of chatter as of late to his level of activity and progress in other areas (i.e. climbing everything in sight and searching for the largest available object with which to poke Polly) and possibly some trouble stemming from a few ear infections-- not early signs of Autism as I imagined in my darkest fears.

taken by Candice Palmer

 I know that the prayers from family, friends, Oklahoma temple patrons, and YOU have helped us all immensely during this difficult time. He has been full of joy and beautiful sounds again these past few days and I know it's largely due to your faith and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you think I'm going a little crazy here, you're completely correct. I had to stop myself from leaping into the arms of the poor specialist and kissing her in the face.


Today we took a family outing to one of our favorite family eateries, Luby's Cafeteria, where Max eats huge portions of all his favorite foods, and get his cheeks pinched by all the blue haired old ladies who frequent the joint. After, we made a family couponing outing where Max found these awesome Passover balloons.


I'm in no way condoning this behavior by the Nugget and Mr. Newsfeed. I just take the pictures. Our total grocery bill was $48.97. Total after coupons? 16.32.

taken by Candice Palmer
Dress:TJ Maxx/ Lace skirt: Nordstrom/ Undershirt: Shade/ Shoes: Famous Footwear/ Necklace: charming charlie

Then! When I think there can't be anymore great news this week, my awesome friend Chanda of Neko Knits, NOT ONLY opens the most awesome Etsy shop-- the opening of which I've been looking forward to for ages.


THEN! She mentions this very Newsfeed in the giveaway she is hosting to celebrate the opening AND offers folks an extra entry to follow us! I can't think of sweeter friend or thing  to think of me while her blog is taking off so quickly! So please, head over and check out her amazing artistry and sign up for a chance to have one of your very own!


Properly Stolen Intellectual Property

Suz Bushman Photography

Suz Bushman Photography
There are a few things that you should know about these pictures.

1) They were completely and shamelessly stolen from this little lady and her photography blog. It's after hours and there simply wasn't time between me deciding I just had to have them for my blog post and the time I just had to post them. I'll ask forgiveness tomorrow. Everyone loves surprises, no? This lovely mother-daughter duo in their Easter dresses are just what I've wanted to kick of my "stylish mom friends" highlight series. Series commenced. Enjoy. Isn't she amazing? It's like having a mother and baby model team to greet me every Sunday when I walk into church.

2) She made that dress. Made it. You can read about how she did that here.

3) She is the amazing photographer that took the photo shoot of Max and I in our red and white striped shirts. 

4) You can see more of this shoot of her and her adorable nugget right here. You can also find her contact info to book you own shoot with her. Do it quickly, though. This little momma books up fast! I swear this girl does not give me money or cookies or tell you how great she is. Hopefully one day though, she'll try to bribe me by taking some blog pictures of other stylish mommas for me. And cookies. If you are reading this, Suz, I can be bought with cookies. Not that you would need to because I talk about you waaaay too much already, but I always try to extort cookies from everyone and you're no exception.


P.S. I apologize for the lack of posting. Blogging, while still one of my all time favorite pastimes, has sort of taken a back seat to some family issues lately. As much as I love finding little sparkly happiness in the world to joke about with all of you, I'm a mommy first, and a mommy-blogger soon after : ) I do want to let you all in on a bit of what has been going on with us, however. We've been worried about Max and some developmental changes that have us (mostly me) worried. He's been exhibiting some speech regression for about the past month. As in, he just stopped saying all of the adorable little words he knows--- for close to a month. We've been told by our pediatrician that we've nothing to worry about, but as first time parents it's so hard not to panic at the first sign of anything being wrong with our perfect little angel. He's started saying a few of his words again this past week, and seems perfectly happy and healthy. We're taking him to a couple of specialists this week just to rule out any problems. Please keep us and Max in your prayers this week. I promise to get back to writing you daily love letters ASAP ;)


A Little Corn On the Cob

Happy Easter, Newsfeed Readers! I love you more than all the Reeses Peanut Butter eggs in the world.

Dress: Swapped at TxSCC by Anslee/ Belt: HauteLook/ Shoes: Famous Footwear/ Bag: Nordstrom Last Chance

Maxwell would like to announce that he's chosen a favorite food...


It's corn on the cob. And it's very, very favorite around here. A lot like this red belt that I pair with, well, everything.


What pink lips you have!

What white legs you have.
It must be Spring.
Let's color block to ring it in!

Color Blocking1
Top: Ann Taylor Loft/ Skirt: American Apparel / Shoes: TJ Maxx/ Bag: J. Crew/ Shades: RayBan

Color Blocking: The act of pairing bright solids in complementary or contrasting colors.

Color Blocking2
Gold Ring: Family Heirloom/ Lion ring: Lulu's/ Purple pearls: F21/ mani: OPI Shellac

So, this mama has now taken the color blocking plunge, and I've gotta tell you, it feels more like Spring already. It could just be that it's my first day back in the world with people after my near brush with death.

 Tell me, are you inspired to try this trend next?
If you're not all in just yet, head over to Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly to see how other bloggers are blockin' in out today.


Dying of the consumption.

And possibly, dysentery. It's like a game of the Oregon Trail over here and they are about to bury me wagon-side. The Nugget is taking excellent care of me, and Anthony rented the Deathly Hallows for me to watch to help me feel better. I hope I get "Tangled" on DVD tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed. One thing in particular is helping me cling to life through my fits of fever and coughing:

the thought of possibly, finally decorating the bungalow.

So, I've always loved vibrant pink and deep, deep navy.

Navy and pink4

Navy and Pink3

however, I'm dreaming of going more for a pale, pale pink like in this wedding palate.

Navy and Pink5

navy and pink6

Throw in a dash of my own edgy flair...

Navy and Pink2

Navy and Pink1

And I think we're on to something.

*All images found on pinterest.com


Vlogging Vednesday: Max's Lullaby

Hey Kiddos!

Just 'cause we love you. I told a friend the other day that I just pretend that nobody reads this blog because I want to put the goofiest stuff I can think of on here. This is especially the case with this vlog. There is singing.

Check out all the other vloggers over at http://www.adelinesdaddy.com/


Steps to A Better Day


Steps to Crazy Fun Hair-do:
1. Wash your hair.
2. Go to sleep.
3. Wake up and brush your hair.
4. Hairspay resulting housewife 'fro.
5. Congratulate your self on inventing a new 'do.

Dress: Capezio
Shoes: BCBG Girls
Gauzy wrap and sparkly eyed owl necklace: Langford Market in Austin
Belt: Haute Look
Sunglasses: Chanel

Steps to having fun:
1. Decide to wear old ballet costume barely disguised by some bright accessories.
2. Do lots of ballet moves and twirls around the living room.
3. Repeat.


If you have to do so un-fun things today (and we all do), wear your favorite heels while you do it.


Time Flies When You're Changing Diapers

and changing pants, and changing sheets, and changing socks, and your mind, and your life.

Suz Bushman Photography

Just yesterday, I was wrapping this tiny, squirming thing in my arms to sleep, never leaving his side for a moment.


Now, I'm getting worried. He's very independent. He's really a bright little fellow.


I'm worried that my disguises won't fool him...


when I tail him to Kindergarten, to College, on his mission, and to his future office in the White House. I need to work on my spy skills today.


Who Is That Vision In Polyester?

...is what I was hoping Mr. Newsfeed would say when he saw my outfit this morning.


but he didn't. So I told him I obtained this dress for free dollars and free cents at the Texas Style Council Conference swap. If this is your dress, thank you. It is much loved in its new home.

Then, he became much more appreciative of it.


I'm in love with orangy red right now. I think my kelly green phase has faded into this obsession the way that the cells in your eyeballs trick you into seeing red after you stare at green long enough then look away at a white wall. I'm so enamored of this red color that my dress and nails are matching for our family outing to the farmers market and antique shopping trip downtown. My mom would be so proud. She'll never know though because she refuses to use a computer. She calls me every few days insisting that I'm a terrible daughter because I don't print off all the pictures of Max everyday and mail them to her. I should mention that I've given this woman two computers and she gave them both away because she says that "you can't depend on computers; you can only depend on yourself." That's fine. She just really shouldn't count on my ability to mail things either. The recipients of the Electric Elmo swap boxes can attest to my deficiency in this area. Those are still sitting packed on my dining room table kids.

 Max found a rocking chair that he wanted at the antique mall.


I picked out this tiny saddle for him. Mr. Newsfeed wouldn't let us have it though because he knows that in my head, when you get a tiny saddle, you NEED a tiny pony to wear it around for you. He's figured me out after all these years, much to my dismay.



I don't wanna take a nap.

Yesterday afternoon Max took a long bath like he loves to do.


Then, I tried to make him take a nap like he does not love.

He insisted that he wasn't tired and wriggled free before I knew what was going on.
By the time I'd washed my hands from putting his diaper on, I found him sitting in his favorite chair passed out.
So, I asked him if he wanted to go take a nap.

He still didn't.
Here's the footage.


Some Inspiration Is What We're After

Sorry about the lack of posting so far this week. I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. I traveled off the path of my usual blog haunts this evening and went on a hunt for some fresh voices. Here are the fruits of my labors. Check these guys out. You won't be disappointed.  Now last time I sent you guys to a new blog, one of you combed the whole thing and found an immodest picture deep in the archives of some site with which I was not completely familiar. Let me just let you know, that while these blogs seem super great to me, I have not read and approved every post on every one for your viewing. Clearly, if there's a naked man on any of them, that's what I was directing your attention to. CLEARLY.


Miss Indie - This girl is the 22 yr-old-me if I had been a LOT cooler and had a blog.

Jess Loves Fred  - the link to that sweet quilt I posted above. I'm totes making it. 

Sometimes Sweet  - a tattooed momma. Scroll a little past all the tatoos for the full effect of how great this lady is. 

Running on Happiness- I love this one because the author lives in my favorite place and is so lovely.

My Pencil Box - I love this layout. Lovely.

The Rockstar Diaries - These guys are hugely popular, but they're new to me so here ya go. Desiree from Distinctly Desiree turned me on to this one.

M Loves M


Have Faith and a Willingness to Look Around for Little Blessings

Ask, and ye shall receive.
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
Wish for a sweet, old-school pushmower, and bulk trash Saturday will put one out on your neighbor's curb for you.

Top and sweater: Anthro.  jeans: thrifted Levi's redesigned by my dad with a shotgun. Shoes: Nordstrom

I can't wait to tell Meredith from Your's Mine and Ours that I freepiled.

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