First Swim

My precious little boy is growing at a rate that should be reserved for the national debt. The tiny, helpless nugget of love I brought home from the hospital almost five months ago is no more. Every day he surprises me by showing off his mad baby skills or making funny faces that remind me of his dad. His personality is beginning to show itself more each day, and just when I think my heart can’t get any bigger or love this tiny thing anymore he learns to hug. +
Heart = Melty goo.


Wrap it Up

I love the pictures with Max in our wrap. It has been the most wonderful baby trick ever. I love having him so close to me and being able to hear his little breaths while he's sleeping on my chest. It is nice to be able to see him and smell his sweet little baby hair while I'm running around the house:)


Little Baby Sailor

A big thanks to Candice for taking such great pictures of my little rock star:) Also, a big thanks to Chris for crafting one hilarious one-sie.


My Teeny Tiny Baby Is TWO Months Old

What, oh what, am I going to do? He's going to go to kindergarten soon. I hope he wants to wear a tie the first day...


Boss of Baking

So Max has been napping for a whole two hours. Instead of doing one of the fifty things I have in backlog--- I decided to do something TRULY important and ...

make bread :)

I try to steer clear of things that are culturally LDS (you know except for all the blogging adn taking pictures of my baby with ridiculous props.)

However, if there's one thing Mormon grandmothers have a handle on, it is the carbohydrate. So, I decided to try my hand at Lion House rolls. They in no way resemble the picture, but I'm holding out hope that they resemble the taste:)


Likely More of the Same...:)

So, it would seem that the baby blog has fallen to the wayside as life goes on these days. I thought it would be fun to move to a new forum that's a little bit more rounded as far as whats going on with the whole family. However, I know I'm not fooling anyone: it's still going to be pretty baby HEAVY:) Max just happens to be our favorite thing these days. While we're getting back to normal (as much as anyone ever can) after the baby, we know what you're really interested in. We've noticed that we get A LOT more visitors these days. We know most of you are in it for the sweet baby cuddles. That's okay though. We're fairly smitten ourselves.

As for the less popular Elmos, I'll be heading back to school/work one of these days, and Anthony has some really exciting stuff coming up with his job. We both have our first trips planned without the baby. Anthony is heading to DC (his old stomping grounds) to do some lobbying for the union this month, and I am going back to Las Vegas for a weekend to help my dear friend Cynthia celebrate her upcoming marriage. We're looking forward to seeing our old friends, but I think we're both terrified to leave our little baby bear even for a couple of days-- out of fear that we'll miss something awesome.

My health is still improving. Thanks to my aunts and mom who've come to help me get some rest these past couple of weeks. My spirits are higher, too. We think we've found a more definitive diagnosis and I'm working on seeking out a second opinion as well to try and get things moving along faster. I'm really ready to spend less time whining and more time playing with my sweet baby and shedding a few of my pregnancy ell bees:)

I also have a new calling at church. I've been called into Young Women's (high school ladies). I'm super excited but I miss my primary kiddos too. Last night we put on a super activity for the young men and young women in the ward. It was Hollywood Squares with people in the ward dressed up as characters such as Ward O. Wisdom and Jenny Alogy. It was hilarious! However, the kids didn't think it was too great. NOT ONLY did they not know what Hollywood Squares was... they acted like they didn't get TIC TAC TOE. I felt really, really old....

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