Paisley Pair Love

Listen, I love etsy just as much as the next housewife... but this...

Childhood Memories
 This, is special.

 This is fashion for your kitchen. 

 How perfect is this make-up bag?

perfect pink
I would invite people over for cookies if I had these in my kitchen. Who am I kidding, I'll probably invite people over for cookies at any rate. Ok, maybe they'll be cupcakes. Maybe not. 

I found these while averting my eyes from pictures of the Marc Jacobs show at NYFW. I was overwhelmed. Not in a good way. The man is clearly a fashion genius. My tiny, little Midwestern brain and sensibilities are just too rooted in the heartland right now to comprehend it all. Often, I love his show. This go 'round it's not doing it for me. It's not him. It's me. Hopefully, we can still be friends.

This etsy shop, however, is deeply impressing me. I find it inspiring. I feel like I could unpack my house after moving in over a month ago. I feel like I could settle in and decorate if all decor were fun like these pair towels. How perfect. How unpretentious and brimming with frivolity they are. 

You should check out the rest of this shop. Click on the links under the pictures to find it. I bet you can't guess what I ordered. Or maybe you can. Take your best shot. 

*I'm sure this post sounds like I'm getting a commission. I attest that no one bribed me in any way to bring these crafties your way. I did ask the crafter for permission to use her pictures. Other than that, she has no idea who I am.


Candice said...

love the nintendo bag! reminds me of a good friend's stuff: http://www.radseams.com/index.php/kitchen.html

Kitty said...

Totally think you got the Nintendo bag, I would have!!

Suzanne said...

I think that makup bag IS perfect. Definitely my favorite!

Kitty said...

Totally think you got the Nintendo bag, I would have!!

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