Curious George Meets the President


This is Max in his stolen hat waiting to meet the president. He wriggled and giggled through his chair to get it off of a child sitting behind us.


Then he made friends with everyone sitting near us immediately, which is his way. By this, I mean "his way" to get snacks from strangers. Within, five minutes he was offered an Odwalla bar which he would have happily eaten, but I didn't want him to get all gooey before he met the president. He's always furious with me when I stop people from feeding him, even if he's just had a four course baby meal. Luckily, a White House employee stepped in with red, white, and blue M&M's bearing the presidential seal. This satiated him for a good ten seconds or so before he wriggled off again.


At least it gave us the time to take this picture with Max's super best Arizona auntie, C. Peck. I made her be in the background, clearly, because she is way hotter than I am.


This kid is a mess. Also, I should let you know that we don't yet have the official picture we took with President Obama and I promise to post it on facebook as soon as we do. I didn't want you to make it to the end of the post and get sad and disappointed.


This is Mr. Newsfeed with his most trusted volunteer, Heather. She loves Max and takes him on walks around the office always just before Mr. Newsfeed strangles him for office related shenanigans. We had to wait forever to finally shake his hand but it was completely worth it. He was so kind and had such great energy for a man who quite literally carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. C. Peck got a little flustered and extra adorable when she was introducing herself and so he gave her a big hug. It was so cool. We told him that the Nugget existed because we met and married while working on his 2008 campaign. He replied, "Well, then this baby's middle name should be Barack!" He is such an amazing man.


Then we returned to our (awesome) seats to listen to President Obama's speech. Max elected to play with my lip gloss during this event. We weren't allowed to bring a bag in so his options were limited. I'm glad everyone could hear the speech with me hopping around exclaiming, "Remember when the president hugged you up?!"


He gave an amazing speech about industry and education in this country that really felt like a great follow up to the "State of the Union" address he's delivered the night before.  Again, I promise, this post is not a politcal plug in anyway. I've never brought my politics onto the pages of this blog before and I likely never will again. But as they pertain to the Nugget's adventures, I figured you guys would be cool with it. Some of my very best friends are republicans.


The day was especially wonderful because I had one of my very favorite ladies by my side. Thanks for coming, C.Peck. Without you, my little monkey would have escaped into the massive crowd of people and reappeared on the top of that crane in the background.


Pauline Mcreynolds said...

Just adorable, but I may be a little predjudiced.

Chanda Kim said...

You look fabulous and I am glad that you guys had a great time! Meeting the president is an amazing thing

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