The bunny, the bunny... ooh, I love the bunny.


Happy Easter, Yall. The nugget wants you to know he's eaten a metric ton of straight chocolate today. 
God bless America.
And dentists. 

Not so much dentists, as they frighten me. 

Even though I'm sure they're the very nicest people in their personal lives.


Speaking of Easter snacks, Max's eggs only lasted one round because he found them to be delicious. 
Every time he found one, he insisted on us cracking it for him so he could eat the yoke out. 
It is my belief that he loves these because I had to eat two everyday when I was pregnant with him and they often took the form of boiled eggs that I choked down because I couldn't get them down in any other way. 
Now isn't that a pleasant Easter thought?
You're welcome, everyone.

Suit : DapperLads, Bowtie: Nordys,  Sandals: from Nana

This little seersucker short suit is from a little company called DapperLads. How awesome is that? They have the cutest suits and wool pants for little boys. I've bought knickers and and knee socks there before, and these people are on their customer service game. I emailed them after I sent my order like two weeks ago mentioning that I would really like to have it in time for Easter and I got an email from a human within couple of hours letting me know that they were on top of it and would get it sent out post haste. 
It came five days before I even expected it, yall.


I was so excited for Max to find his Easter basket that we ran for the front porch this morning. I thought he might yell or cheer (as we're a family given to exuberant bursts of joy), but he simply spied the basket, dragged it inside without batting an eye, and proceeded to feast on chocolate bunnies and the like. 





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Corinne said...

He is purely the most handsome little boy in his suit. Glad he got the fully enjoy the Easter treats. Love you guys!
PS. That picture of you you & Max is beyond beautiful.

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