Test your Irish luck here...

Next weekend, I'm going to a blogger conference in Austin that's happening during South by Southwest. While there, I'm going to get to participate in a huge swap with some of the most stylish ladies I have blog stalked know. This amazing company comes to events and sets up a mobile "store" and sorts everyone's donations and then there's some sort of murderous, blogger free-for-all to take home the best loot of the day.

 Right. Up. My. Ally. 

The only sad part, I was thinking, is that you, my awesome readers, won't get to be there for all the fashion freepiling (copyright Meredith from Yours, Mine, and Ours). 

So, all these ideas have set something big in motion...
I'm starting the Electric Elmo Swap in a Box. Rolls right off the tongue, no? 
I'm going to be placing like-new goodies in a box and shipping them all off to one lucky reader to peruse, choose, and re-use. I'll make a little post or video about what's going in the box, and point my loyal readers your way. Then, you replace what you took with something you own that needs a new, fashionable home. Document the changes and your new haul. You can tag your items with your URL so people know who to thank if you'd like. Off she goes to once again fulfill her fashion destiny. I'm sweating from all the fun this is going to be.

Here are the rules guidelines of sorts:

Step 1. Leave me a comment saying why you want to receive the box next. The more your reason makes me giggle, the better your chances. Entries will be received all week. Winner will be chosen next Monday (March 14th). So you could be digging through your pot o' fashion gold by St. Patty's. There may be a sneak peek of the packing of the box tomorrow. Check back for updates. 

Step 2. Follow me on either google reader OR bloglovin'. I'm no respector of blog love.

Step 3. If you're chosen, send me yo mailin' addy. Then say a lot of gangsta things and wait for your package out on your doorstep, taking breaks for only the powder room and water. NO FOOD.
My, these rules are getting out of hand. You know what, you can wait inside your house.

Step 4. You'll have a week to try stuff on, decide what you want. Then, take to your blog to find the swap box a new home. 

If you don't win (and your chances good that you may this go-round because only two people read this blog and one of them is them is my one-year-old son) you'll be able to follow the box around Blogland until it can make it's way to your door!

Take Luck!


Kitty said...

Ok. So I NEED to be the person that gets this box! Girl you are talking to a poor, starving nursing student who hasn't seen the light of day to shop for the necessities of life (ie: cute shoe's, new jewellery) let alone indulge in any retail therapy to help with my anxiety levels!!
I mean think about it, my wardrobe lately has consisted of Carribean Blue scrubs, white tee shirt and compression stockings! Not a hot look.
My hair has not seen a stylist for 6 months. I mean why bother cutting it when the only hair style that I wear is a bun? Not to mention the above mentioned outfit does not inspire one to feel like a fashion goddess.
Also lets talk about the total lack of funds. The ironic part of my story is that my last bits of money went into purchasing the above mentioned outfit. So no indulging in the oh so cute spring fashions that are coming into the stores. Not to mention that here in AZ that I could actually wear them right now!
Anyhow that is my sob story, PLEASE help out this poor wreck of nursing student and restore her to the fashion forward gal that you remember from all those years back! I will love you forever and Mr. C will thank you for giving him his cute little wife back!

Meredith said...

me me!!! pick me! you know i need some new clothes, you've seen my blog. plus, i'm not thrifting for a year!!! (we'll see) a year! you hear that? it's pure insanity is what it is.

Christina said...

I was considering letting this one go, because I've been able to be the beneficiary of your generosity in the past, and I didn't want to be too greedy.

I remembered though that this was going to be coming from you, and since I pretty much love everything you do and wear, I rethought my altruism.

My plea to you is this: Jim would want you to. This plea would have more weight if I was able to embed either a picture of one Sunny Jim or one Jim Sturgess in our favorite scene from Across the Universe. I even did a google search for "the look" from Mr. Sturgess. Apparently we are the only people with enough awesome to recognize the awesome in another.

So, I leave you with that. Think of the Jims. They would want you to send it to me! :)

mrselmo said...

Never let it go. Always join in the fun with me. When I see you in fb pictures wearing dresses that were once mine, I get jealy of them for getting to hang out with you more than I do.

mrselmo said...

a WHOLE year! I couldn't stop doing anything for that long. Even stuff I hate. I'd wanna do it if I knew I couldn't. You would be the perfect recipient for this traveling swap because you could transform anything you found into a perfect fit!

mrselmo said...

Ahaha. Mr. C loves you real bad. Even in scrubs and buns and hospital smell. If you win, I can put all the crafty things I've been saving for you in the box as well. So really, you're getting a box either way :)

Kitty said...

Yipee, you have no idea how much I love old fashioned, sent to your door type mail! I need to do the same for you, but people keep buying up what I make =(

Send your mailing address anyhow I want to send you an old fashioned, honest to goodness, pen and ink letter so you show the Nugget what one looks like when he gets big, cause there wont be any around by then =)

Christina said...

Yeah for joining in! Maybe you could jump in the box also, and you can come play with me!

I think about how awesome you are when I wear that dress!

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