Vloggin' Vednesdays?!

Vloggin' Vednesdays

This is only the only cool coolest link party I've ever seen. It's being hosted by one of my favorite blogs and they've invited everyone to join in. I don't know if I'm brave enough to start throwing up vlogs. I have a very annoying laugh, and I'm pretty much always laughing.  I do not know if you are ready for me live and in Technicolor. Who know's? Maybe one day we will become the Electric Elmo NewsREEL. In any case, check these guys out. The first one is on Wednesday. Click on the link above and hop on over to see Adeline's Daddy and the prompts for upcoming group Vlogs and the dates on which you need to post them.

Color me amped.

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Kitty said...

You know me, I think you're cute as a button via the written word but I LOVE you in person! Thats why I miss you so much

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