The Nugget's Heading Out West


and he's taking his puppy.

the Elmos are officially moving to Phoenix, Arizona. We're very excited and looking forward to a new adventure. I'm especially ecstatic to return to my college town and my dear friends who inhabit the desert. We are going to be sad to leave the bungalow and our wonderful friends and church family and especially...

our amazing aunties.

Aunt Dean

and Aunt Pauline.

It has been wonderful being so close to them these past few years. They were there when Maxwell made his grand appearance. Max adores them as well as his uncles and the rest of our family here. We're heartbroken to have to take him so far away from them, but I always managed to talk them into making the trek to Arizona when I was in school so perhaps they'll be doubly attracted to the heat with baby Max as a draw.  We also plan to have many Skype dates and blog updates to help to close the distance.  


Candice K. Palmer said...

Aww, the auntie pictures melt my heart! You will be absolutely missed, but I am excited for the changes for Anthony & for you & Maxbug. The Palmers will definitely visit!

nekoknits said...

Whee! We are so excited that you guys are on your way back to AZ! I can't wait to help you unpack and decorate the new digs!

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