Don't Ever Give Up, Nugget

We've been goofing around here at the Newsfeed a LOT lately. 'Cause that's how we do. 

I want you guys to consider something serious today, though. When you're going through a tough time in your life, look at yourself through your mother's eyes. To her, you are everything, even if she can't tell you herself anymore for one reason or another. When I look at this picture, my heart is full. There are no bounds to the love and admiration a mother has for her baby. To her, you can do anything.

Dear Baby,

 You are special. I could feel your beautiful spirit in my tummy before you were even born. You are here in this life to accomplish great and wonderful works. Sometimes, sweetheart, there will be people in this world who are so full of pride, so brutish, so angry about their own circumstances that they may try to take it out on you. They might try to crush your dreams, break your heart, or tell you that you're not who you know you can be. I want you to know from me that I know better. I can feel how strong you are. I can see how people are drawn to you . You are a tiny sun, burning brightly, lighting the world, warming hearts, and changing lives. Know that you've changed our lives forever. I'm so privileged to be here with you everyday, baby. No matter what happens, don't ever lose that light in your eyes. Do not ever, ever, ever give up.



Beckerman Girls said...

Your baby is soooooooooooo gorrrgeous!!! Look at those eyes, they are sparklin!! AWWW!! What a super cutie! Happy Friday Mama!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Suzanne said...

Oh my! That hat...there are no words. I LOVE that little man. You are such a wonderful momma, hope little max gets feeling better very soon! Loves and hugs.

p.s. great job on the picture!

Candice said...

you're such a good momma!

Aunt Dean said...

you are both beautiful, wonderful people.

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