We will. Shop you. Date night.

So far my blog attentions have been divided between the nifty thrifty and high fashion dream dates with ruffles and bows floating on a cloud of Chanel Number Five. There's a middle ground there, though, that often gets overlooked by even the craftiest of fashionistas.

One of my very favorite shopping strategies is to seek out sweet discounted finds from high-quality, high-volume retailers (like the stores you would find in every shopping mall in America.)

 Today's round of fantasy shopping goes like this... there is an abundance of stock left over at the end of seasons that change really quickly in that world. I worked in one of these joints many, many years ago.  Victoria's Secret. I won't say which one.

Let's Call This Haul : DATE NIGHT

The shoes. Those heavenly shoes that could twirl me around the dance floor, were originally almost $200. 

They have to get it outta there, STAT. A shirt can be full price one day and hanging on the sale rack for a third of the cost the next. I always felt like a criminal letting someone pay full price for something I knew would have been resigned to an overstuffed sale rack the very next day. Now that we can all play this little game with retailers on-line anytime of day or night, the time is ripe to peruse what's out there screaming to be taken off the retailer's hands. You are the shark attack here. 

The perfectly pink shirt was $80, now it's TEN.

That's where you step in and happily oblige them.... for PENNIES on the dollar. Our target today is Ann Taylor's on-line sale. I know what you're thinking. "This girl is 26, and has turned in her fashion-forward, fun young lady card. Get this woman some spanx, and put her out to pasture." It's not your momma's store anymore, girls. Our day for quality fabrics and cuts at a deep discount is upon us, and they come through with a few styles that say young and fun -- not "high school principal"-- most every season. P.S. I love Spanx. Just sayin'.

The front of that blazer has adorable, subtle bunching on the lapels. I couldn't do that to you, though. If I had shown you the front, you'd be over there at Ann Taylor.com right now irresponsibly typing your Visa account number into an irresponsible field. 

 That jacket is still a little spendy, but look at that perfect, super flattering tailoring. Someone stole my waist. I'm busily looking for it. I think it's in that blazer. 

There's the little culprit now. I'm gonna pinch your cheeks so bad you little waist-thieving monkey. Momma loves you and wouldn't trade you for a Scarlet O'Hara-like waist.

The point of this little exercise is this:

A big lesson I have learned over the years is that being thrifty doesn't always mean buying a cheap, disposable wardrobe. It must also means being careful and resourceful--- so that you get the most bang for your buck. When you do invest in classic, quality wardrobe staples (at deeply discounted prices because you are savvy like that)  that will stay with you though years of wear, you are still saving yourself some serious cash-o-la. 

Where do you guys go for the best sales on things you know you'll love for years to come?


Cecilia Warner said...

your baby is so cute!!
<3 cec

Meredith said...

LOVE: the Scarlett o'hara reference. one of my fave books. and: that necklace. ribbon ties are divine:) ps: thanks for alerting to me HTML mistake!!

Emma said...

Love your blog ! Following :)

Kitty said...

Macy's at the end of the season! I bought a denim Ralph Lauren blazer that is to die for. regular price $289.00 on sale for...ready for this...$10.00 due to a small stain on the lapel that totally washed out. BTW Macy's will take back the item if the stain doesn't wash out! How perfect is that?!

Chelsea Lane said...

ahh seriously amazing deals here! I love the outnet...I haven't bought anything, but their discounts are amazing off serious designer stuff!


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