Some of the best

Some of the most wonderful things in our lives are here and gone so quickly. I was thinking about this as I tossed out my lovely mother's day roses. They brought me so much joy all week as I enjoyed the burst of color on my kitchen counter. I especially loved the note:

"To the best wife and mother in the world"





Be sure to be thankful for the wonderful people in your life today. Try to spend some time nurturing those relationships and less time fretting about things and worries that don't really matter.

PS. I appreciate all of you still tuning in after our short absence. Hopefully, we can redeem ourselves with all the fun we have coming up this week.


nekoknits said...

 YAY!!! You are back!! I soooo missed you

Christina Peck said...

Welcome Back!  I missed you!

Pauline McReynolds said...

Good to see you here again/ 

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