The First Day

So, this pudgy little squidgy little guy with the drool used to be my baby. 
He rolled around and demanded food all day and sat still for pictures.
And MAN, did he love his momma.


Now.... this is my baby.


Heading off to his first day of preschool without me.


He never even looked back.


He's pretty much in college now. I have become obsolete. Below is a picture of him standing outside of his classroom door demanding to be let in because he can hear the other two-year-olds having fun in there and the door is locked.


When I picked him up a few hours later, the teachers all gushed about how smart he was and how sweet and charming he was (and how  mischievous he was.)

But I only wanted to know one thing... Did he ask for me at all?

And it turns out he did.

So, I guess he still loves his momma after all.

The director of the school said Max did great
(he didn't even want to leave when I came to get him), 
but if we were going to do this thing twice a week I was really going to have to pull myself together and not cry so much.

Good luck with that, ma'am.


Corinne said...

I can't believe he's going to preschool! I know it's hard, but I promise a little time away sometimes just helps them remember how much they need/love their mama. Proud of all of you. Love ya!

Pauline Mcreynolds said...

Remember he will also be your baby. It's not so long that we still called you "baby".  He is adorable and will love the new experiences.

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