Dying of the consumption.

And possibly, dysentery. It's like a game of the Oregon Trail over here and they are about to bury me wagon-side. The Nugget is taking excellent care of me, and Anthony rented the Deathly Hallows for me to watch to help me feel better. I hope I get "Tangled" on DVD tomorrow.  Keeping my fingers crossed. One thing in particular is helping me cling to life through my fits of fever and coughing:

the thought of possibly, finally decorating the bungalow.

So, I've always loved vibrant pink and deep, deep navy.

Navy and pink4

Navy and Pink3

however, I'm dreaming of going more for a pale, pale pink like in this wedding palate.

Navy and Pink5

navy and pink6

Throw in a dash of my own edgy flair...

Navy and Pink2

Navy and Pink1

And I think we're on to something.

*All images found on pinterest.com


Lisa said...

Perhaps you should chew on some hickory bark. : )
Cute style pics!

nekoknits said...

I want the chalk drawing of the heart!! I will make you a pirate pillow for your house warming! You sent me the carts in that awesome book.

I hope you feel better soon, tell Anthony that if you lived closer I'd be able to be over to nurse you!!

Pauline Mcreynolds said...

Whatever you do will be fantastic. Can't wait to help.

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