To My Little Boy

Dearest Baby Max,

Max peddling it up 

There are people in this world who will tell you to take care of yourself. There are forces that will make you feel like if you continually give of yourself , of your time and talents, that you will be left empty.

I want you to know that just the opposite is true. The more you give, the more you serve, the fuller your life and your heart will be. If you exhaust yourself everyday putting love and caring feelings out into the world, you'll go to sleep happy and full each night.  Sometimes it can be embarrassing when people aren't ready to accept your help or your friendship or even you. I want you to know that that the only sting of regret that you should even ever acknowledge is that of the missed opportunity to try. 

Shiny little shoes

I love you so very much. Your kindness and ability to love everyone you meet inspire me to try harder everyday. 


1 comment:

Meredith said...

so sweet and SO true! love his little outfit too, adorable :)

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