We're Back and Better. Than. Ever.

Max and I have been cut off from the world all week. Mr. Newsfeed was out of the state doing business-y things during all the political mayhem in Indianapolis. Before he left, Max took my Blackberry. Why would I blame the innocent little babe, you may ask? Because Homeboy has done it before. Blackberries get tossed in the trash while we're not looking around here and are settling in the local landfill before you can say "$50 replacement fee." I turned the house upside down, the cars inside out. Nuthin'.

Anywho, we were staying close to home because we didn't want to get caught out with no way to call anyone. On Wednesday, the car key went MIA. Then I crawled behind the couch and waved my white flag called Candice with my fax machine (I know!) and she brought over our extra key and we all went out for cookies as big as your head. Sainted. Woman. That's Candice.

So today, with Papa Elmo back in the nest, we all made our way to the Apple store. Saturday at the only apple store in town is a less than desirable place to be. Anthony had 2-4 aneurysms while talking to 4-6 pimply faced kids who could have teched the both of us under the table with ipod nanos with taped over their eyeballs. Max and I are are way more easy going. Max sat atop a squishy ball while I helped him compute.

I'm now the proud owner of a brand new iphone. Now, for the important part. She needs an outfit.

Time to weigh in and let me know which one you pick. Quickly. This phone is in imminent danger now that it's living in Casa de Elmo. It's under Max Law. Just like the rest of us.


P.McReynolds said...

Definitely the pink one!

Kitty said...

I vote for one of the rotary phone dials. Personally pink is SO you

MaybeThisDoor said...

I posted on this recently and the green rotary was one of my faves but for some reason I'm seeing that pink polka as your girl.


Candice said...

yep, pink. :) red second choice, but I love that striped one, tho! would adore the striped one w/white around it.

LaU said...

great post!


Christina said...

I like the green rotary phone one.

Glad you are are connected again!

Suzanne said...

Yay! Now I can call you. Ha! I am thinking the rotary phone...do they have it in any other colors? They are all super cute though!

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