Steps to A Better Day


Steps to Crazy Fun Hair-do:
1. Wash your hair.
2. Go to sleep.
3. Wake up and brush your hair.
4. Hairspay resulting housewife 'fro.
5. Congratulate your self on inventing a new 'do.

Dress: Capezio
Shoes: BCBG Girls
Gauzy wrap and sparkly eyed owl necklace: Langford Market in Austin
Belt: Haute Look
Sunglasses: Chanel

Steps to having fun:
1. Decide to wear old ballet costume barely disguised by some bright accessories.
2. Do lots of ballet moves and twirls around the living room.
3. Repeat.


If you have to do so un-fun things today (and we all do), wear your favorite heels while you do it.


Suzbushman said...

You forgot visiting the electric elmo feed. Or Lacy. :) I just love you!

nekoknits said...

I love the fact that you recycled that dance costume and btw it look FABULOUS!! You would never know, infact I saw the picture and decided I had to have one. You look awesome. I am so jealous, I fell out of bed today, didnt wash and look every bit like the stressed out nursing student that I try very hard not to look like

Jen Ketcher said...

Your blog is starting to make me feel really bad about myself. I mean, do I hang out in heels and a sweet dress on a Saturday? No. More likely, pajama pants and a t-shirt from the high school days. I guess as long as my husband never sees your blog and realizes what I SHOULD be doing, I'm ok. Please keep it a secret--for me.

Pauline Mcreynolds said...


nekoknits said...


Finally got my Etsy store registered and a banner up. Please tell me what you think

Tina B. said...

Could you come visit me and be my personal stylist? And bring the Nugget? Please?

Lacy said...

Only if you agree to be my therapist. It hardly seems worth it for you.

Lacy said...

Looooove it. Put some crafties in there so I can buy them before anyone else gets any.

Lacy said...

Thanks, Aunt P.

Lacy said...

A1. You always look ADORBS.
B2. The reason there are only outfit posts like once a week: because that's how many times per week I make it out of sweatpants and into make-up.

Lacy said...

Um, you are amazingly cute ALL THE TIME. Also, when my nurses come in, I like 'em looking haggard and hard-working. I don't want anyone with perfect eye-liner touching my IV :)

Lacy said...

Thanks for always letting me come to visit your house. It's like my house's way cooler, prettier older sister. No but seriously, come visit your house's frumpy, pale little sister soon.

Jess said...

I love your "housewife 'fro"! Mine just ends up looking like "housewife oil slick"!

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