Properly Stolen Intellectual Property

Suz Bushman Photography

Suz Bushman Photography
There are a few things that you should know about these pictures.

1) They were completely and shamelessly stolen from this little lady and her photography blog. It's after hours and there simply wasn't time between me deciding I just had to have them for my blog post and the time I just had to post them. I'll ask forgiveness tomorrow. Everyone loves surprises, no? This lovely mother-daughter duo in their Easter dresses are just what I've wanted to kick of my "stylish mom friends" highlight series. Series commenced. Enjoy. Isn't she amazing? It's like having a mother and baby model team to greet me every Sunday when I walk into church.

2) She made that dress. Made it. You can read about how she did that here.

3) She is the amazing photographer that took the photo shoot of Max and I in our red and white striped shirts. 

4) You can see more of this shoot of her and her adorable nugget right here. You can also find her contact info to book you own shoot with her. Do it quickly, though. This little momma books up fast! I swear this girl does not give me money or cookies or tell you how great she is. Hopefully one day though, she'll try to bribe me by taking some blog pictures of other stylish mommas for me. And cookies. If you are reading this, Suz, I can be bought with cookies. Not that you would need to because I talk about you waaaay too much already, but I always try to extort cookies from everyone and you're no exception.


P.S. I apologize for the lack of posting. Blogging, while still one of my all time favorite pastimes, has sort of taken a back seat to some family issues lately. As much as I love finding little sparkly happiness in the world to joke about with all of you, I'm a mommy first, and a mommy-blogger soon after : ) I do want to let you all in on a bit of what has been going on with us, however. We've been worried about Max and some developmental changes that have us (mostly me) worried. He's been exhibiting some speech regression for about the past month. As in, he just stopped saying all of the adorable little words he knows--- for close to a month. We've been told by our pediatrician that we've nothing to worry about, but as first time parents it's so hard not to panic at the first sign of anything being wrong with our perfect little angel. He's started saying a few of his words again this past week, and seems perfectly happy and healthy. We're taking him to a couple of specialists this week just to rule out any problems. Please keep us and Max in your prayers this week. I promise to get back to writing you daily love letters ASAP ;)


Suzbushman said...

Oh my goodness, LACY! What a surprise, you are waaaay too nice. Talk about making a girl's day! Good thing I have the electric elmo newsfeed as MY fashion inspiration. :) We are praying you and sweet, adorable max. Let me know if I can help in ANY way.

p.s. cookies are coming right up!:)

Monica said...

She made that dress? Wow. We'll be thinking of you and your family. I hope everything turns out alright.

PS- I'm so glad to have a fellow southern fashion blogger!!

Ask the Duplex

Corinne said...

Count us in for prayers. It's so unsettling to not know for sure. Good for you for checking things out. Trust those fabulous Mama instincts. Mama's really do know best when it comes to things like this. Keep us posted. Love you both!

nekoknits said...

Glad to see you posting and glad to hear Max is blurting again. Always listen to your inner mama voice, you know your baby best!

ashley said...

she made that dress! wow she has talent. great pictures, she is good!


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