Have Faith and a Willingness to Look Around for Little Blessings

Ask, and ye shall receive.
Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
Wish for a sweet, old-school pushmower, and bulk trash Saturday will put one out on your neighbor's curb for you.

Top and sweater: Anthro.  jeans: thrifted Levi's redesigned by my dad with a shotgun. Shoes: Nordstrom

I can't wait to tell Meredith from Your's Mine and Ours that I freepiled.


nekoknits said...

Who else could make a blog post about fashion while mowing the lawn, with an old fashioned push mower to top it all off! Love your hair, wish I could get mine to do that, it would make my nursing hairstyles...well stylish

Jess Pendleton Caraway said...

Haha! That's so awesome. And your hair looks fab!

Meredith said...

Yes!! Way to go girl!

Christina Peck said...

Good job getting the nugget to help around the house so early in life. It will set a pattern of hard work and discipline.

And I also agree that I love your hair!

brittneynsmart said...

that lawnmower is saweet!! but i love your sweater even more. true story. beautiful.
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