We Have a Dream

The Nugget and I have been hatching a plan to go on an adventure. Everytime I've ever seen a beautiful, gleaming silver Airstream, I've fantasized about traversing the country dressed as Lucille Ball in "The Long, Long Trailer."


Then, more recently, I've been inspired by Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky, who for lack of a reason not to, took a voyage in a Winnebago Brave. Amazing. You have to check out her story!

Elizabeth and her Brave

More and more lately, Max and I have been talking about embarking on our trip sooner rather than later.

Here are some other folks who also love the Airstream lifestyle. All these photos are from "Airstream Life's" flikr stream. It can be accessed by clicking on any of the images.

Connie Ferrell in her
Airstream Caravanner

Super's 1973


Inside the 1969
Airstream Tradewind 2

This is an amazing slideshow you have to see about a fellow who completely redesigned his Airstream to fit his needs and personal style.

There's just something so completely appealing about stripping your life of all unnecessary belongings and hitting the open road. Max and I would love to redesign one of these bad boys from the sixties, hook it up to our Jeep, and be on our way for a month or two. Maybe we'll even hit some campaign stops to knock doors like the old days ;)

Now, we want to hear about your craziest dreams. Let's hear it, come on...


nekoknits said...

Yes please!! And come visit us on the way, we can shop at H&M, get dim sum and shop at the asian stores!

Le chateau des fleurs said...

This is so fun! Love the pictures!
You are so gorgeous and your family! oh sweet! I am LDS too. Would love a follow back.

Lacy said...

Thanks for checking us out! I'm your newest follower!

Lacy said...

What do you mean "stop by" on our way? You are a destination on our map! There will be matching Chanda and Mr. C push pins on our master plan.

nekoknits said...

Lovely! Then I can help you decorate the inside a sweet soft pink and make you vintage aprons because it would look so awesome in a trailer like that

meredith said...

yes. to all of this. this dream of yours rocks.

Anonymous said...

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