My friends are the most talented people alive.

Does it hardly seem fair that I have a friend who takes great pictures and you don't?

Meet C. Palmer

TWO amazing photog friends who put up with my antics?

Hello S. Bushman

Would you believe I have THREE?! Well then check out these amazing shots of the nugget and meet one Rian  Hansing. That's right.

We all know why you're here: the nugget. Just admit it.




I've been harassing Rian about making Max and his best little buddy C. Hansing play baby croquet for AGES. She finally gave into my demands the week we were moving from Oklahoma to Phoenix. She's pretty much the greatest lady ever and the results were devastatingly adorable even though Max was a total Cranky Pants McGee the whole time.


It should also be public information that the night that our moving truck was packed up and we were deathly tired of packing and hadn't noticed we were starving to death-- Rian just happened to popped by (on her way to take her babies on a fun outing) with the most amazing dinner of chicken enchiladas and brownies and lemonade AND everything needed to warm and consume these unimaginable treats. Did I mention I have the greatest friends on the planet? I said that, right?


Rian Hansing Photography is for rock stars. Clearly you should call  Rian and schedule a round of baby croquet. Babies not included.

*All photography proprietary property of Rian Hansing Photography and if you steal them the nugget will whack you with his croquet mallot. All of this beautiful  shoot is public on our flikr stream this week only. The ones not included in this post will be made private next week to help protect Rian's work.


Jess said...

I love his little teeth!!!

nekoknits said...

Weee you're back and posting! So excited!! Can we do dim sum soon? I have my final on Monday...do you want to help me study?

nekoknits said...

Lacy! Did the Nugget toss your phone out again? I haven't heard from you about Dim Sum so I am worrying as that usually gets an immediate response.
If you have lost your communication device here is my phone number 602-503-6678, give me a call...otherwise the police might get involved!
Talk to you soon (I hope)

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