Snowed In

Anthony, Max, Polly, and I are snowed into what seems like a 50 foot snow drift today. Everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves (except for Polly who can’t go outside). I can’t remember the last time I saw snow drifts this big. It reminds me of the epic snowstorm that would herald the arrival of “the nugget.” I remember being 14 months pregnant (you know, like an elephant) and waiting for the moment I would have to call the ambulance and snow plow to take me to the hospital. Luckily, my little angel, being brilliant like he is, held off until we could make our way through the cleared streets before another wave of snow hit. It seems like yesterday. Alas, it was one year ago now. I knew before he arrived that he was special. However, I never could have foretold how much love and light with which he would fill my heart. He’s the love of my life and my best little buddy. He’s always up for a dance party and he hardly ever misses an opportunity to give me kisses.

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