Blonde Salad

Fashion Week coverage is all over the place. One foxy, Italian lady is doin' it right. 

Chiara over at the Blonde Salad is having adventures about which little house fraus like myself can only dream. Her style is the perfect mix of originality and ladylike grace. I love reading her thoughts on the fall shows. Oh, and she writes her blog in English and Italian. Outstanding. I barely speak English. 

Although, I know a little fashion forward somebody who's been rockin' this look since Friday. Clearly, he's way ahead of the game.

Clearly, he feels infringed upon.

Here's a taste of Chiara's coverage of the FW11 Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti show. The gold lamé dress. Tri-strap Mary Janes. Oh my... the old lady in me is twitter-pated. The old lady in me is in charge most of the time. During craft time, nap time, and New York Times crossword time she's in heaven. Having a baby has almost completely destroyed the time allotment for these activites, so the old lady in me is crying out. She's saying, "I want to wear that dress. And those shoes. And some orthopedic insoles to put in there. And some metamucil." 

The Blonde Salad

Happy Wednesday to All of You! Thank you for reading!The old lady in me is much obliged.


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