Here's Some Nugget... Now Please Cool It With the Death Threats to my Inbox

Welcome to Nugget-Pollooza 2011!

Everyday this week, we'll have a fresh batch of the Nugget-lovin' you've demanded. 
Here's what you may look forward to this week on the Newsfeed:

Today- The Nugget Drives to his new home in Arizona
Tuesday- The 4th of July: My LittleYankee Doodle Nugget
Wednesday- The Nugget Takes Over IKEA During the Haboob!
Thursday- Max Builds His Own Car and Drives Off Down the Street
Friday-  General Nugget Antics
Saturday-- It's Back to Business as Usual: Outfit Post!

The week before we leave Oklahoma, we hang out with some of our favorite peeps. Max plays house.
Max says good bye to his best little buddy in the world. Don't you want to squish his chocolatey little face! In case you are wondering how any baby could be so super cute, it is because he has the most adorable momma EVER.

Along the way to Phoenix, we stopped to see one of my BFF's 4L, Tina Bond. That is not an alias. She's a real life Bond girl. (i.e. She's fantastic and Max and I got to sleep in the super sweet princess room of her palatial mansion.) 


We, of course, had the obligatory stop at a Cracker Barrel that one must make on a long, interstate voyage.


Max spent much of the drive rocking out to the sweet tunes I was spinning. He was bobbing his little noggin to this classic of course until I got the camera out. Then he began to smile and "cheese it" at me. Little ham.


This is Max reuniting with his Arizona aunties for the first time. Allow me to answer your questions preemptively. Yes, those are tiny moccasins. Yes, that is, in fact, the exact face people make when greeting Max. He's like a giant kitten that people have to get their hands upon-- even if they aren't that into kittens. 
This blesses us in many ways because we have a never-ending supply of babysitters. I've honestly never had a single soul turn down a request to watch Maxwell. More often than not, people say something to the effect of "I was only going to a wedding/funeral/birth. I can cancel. Please bring him over as quickly as possible."


Max and Polly resting up from the trip in their new abode.

We've got a week of Max-o-palloza coming up so stay tuned.

Coming up this fall... you can look forward to:

Adventures in Phoenix (i.e. Max and I mapping the best cupcakes, vintage shops, farmers' markets, theaters, etc. in this town)

Photography and Photoshop shortcuts: Max and I have finally learned to shoot outside the realm of the Automatic camera setting and it's not nearly as difficult as we had imagined.

Detailed ways in which we've simplified our lives lately and the subsequent freedom and happiness it's caused us. (We wish all the same happiness for you.)

but what you'll really see a lot of is...

lots of goofy stuff we make up along the way.

What are some funny things you'd like to see the Nugget try out this fall?


Meredith said...

yay for the picture pollooza! woo hoo!

Suzbushman said...

oh my goodness. lacy! this post made me miss you guys!  i love that little video of max. could he be more awesome?  i am excited to see your fall adventures and more excited for you to be shooting in manual, you are awesome! loves from oklahoma

nekoknits said...

Whee! You're back...more please!!!

Pauline Mcreynolds said...

Yeah, more Max and Lacy!

Sherri C said...

What a cute boy! I love his little outfit with the moccassins! And cute video!

sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

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