This is Max. Max is waiting for his ride to be washed and buffed to a high sheen at the car wash.


This is Max having a keen time in the IKEA. 


We're ready to leave, and while we're checking out, a massive cloud of dust rolls into the automatic doors of the store and cover everything in sight. People are running for their lives into the doors from the parking lot because there's a 

This is a giant dust storm that we sometimes get in the desert. This one was by far the worst I'd ever seen. It consists of two seconds of rain followed by a cloud of dust that coats the entire city.

Including Max's freshly sheened vehicle.

Uncool, Haboob.

I stole this photo from the Assosicated Press so that you can get a better idea of this cloud of dust engulfing the nugget and I-- along with the rest of the city.

Deal with it, Assosiated Press.


So, Max and I were trapped in IKEA eating hotdogs and sitting in all the baby chairs for another TWO HOURS after our shopping was complete waiting for the storm to die down enough so that we could make a run for it. I placed Max in the shopping cart and ran as fast as I could while telling him to close his eyes and mouth. 

Of course flying across a parking lot in a shopping cart makes Max laugh hysterically.

Basically, Max loves haboobs and I do not.

Hope you enjoyed all the baby curls, team. Because in tomorrow's pictures, they've vanish.


Candice K. Palmer said...

Holy cow. I guess seeing a picture makes it crazy real. Glad you were all okay! If you could've chosen a location for a haboob, wouldn't it have been IKEA anyway? :) 

nekoknits said...

That was an awful storm, thankfully the Mr and I we at home when it hit. I was worried all the big glass windows were going to break the wind rattled them so badly!

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