Vehicular Chicken Slaughter

Some people teach their children to read at two. I play a game with Max wherein I say "baby HAT" and he has to put whatever he might be holding onto his head. 
Then we both shriek with laughter. Watch out Harvard Law.
Oh, and I've also trained him to carry my purse in the crook of his little arm.
Mr. Newsfeed HATES this. You are welcome, Max's future wife.

We spent the 4th with all my favorite ladies. Christina and Emily held an Americana party at their house.
We planned to wear aprons and Christina made amazing homemade pie. AMAZING. I have dreams about that pie. We also ate every delectable treat Trader Joes produces. Because what's more American than gluttony?

That was until..
Max and I went home to change clothes for the party. 
We live on the farming side of town. We were headed down our street, back to the party when out of nowhere, a renegade chicken (who'd OBVIOUSLY been celebrating too much* glug glug)
scampers out into the road. We see him and try to swerve.

Feathers. Everywhere.
We'd only lived on our street for a few days before I had to go door to door admitting to the neighbors that we had murdered someone's chicken with our Jeep Grand Cherokee in order to find the chicken's family. 

When we got back to the party, everyone was very sensitive about the whole ordeal. They all made dead chicken jokes at my expense culminating in an elaborate paper chicken greeting card that Emily made me.

The pie was the only thing that could calm my nerves. 

What is your most embarrassing awkward neighbor moment?


Christina Peck said...

I love that I made it into your post!  Also, I am super pleased about this all nugget week!

nekoknits said...

umm I've been locked out of the house in my bathrobe and had to ask the neighbor to lend me her phone to call for help. Embarrassing!

Candice K. Palmer said...

So did you find the owner of the, er, chicken? Glad the party was a success despite the massacre. :) p.s. Palmers miss you!!

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