Big news--- It can't possibly wait.

Big News Numero Uno:

BHLDN (pronounced "Beholden"). It's Anthro's Wedding/Party devision. It's launching on Valentine's Day. I'm already in love. I can feel the butterflies in my tummy. 

Allow me (via these beautiful images) to tease you here. Go. Enjoy. Get engaged and let me come with you to check out this heavenly design mecca in preparation for your big day. 

Also, check out the preview Emily over at Cupcakes and Cashmere got. She is one lucky lady. She's the one in the middle if you are not familiar with her blog. Isn't she lovely wearing one of the new bridal designs?! She's a real live bride-to-be to boot.

Big News Part Deux:

The Electric Elmo Newsfeed is now on facebook. If you don't push the like button, I can't even imagine that your life will be as fun- filled as it could be in the very near future.  

Big News Number.... well, this one is old news to tell you the truth...

I can not get enough of the nugget.

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