This One's For the Boys

Ladies, it's almost Valentine's Day. What do you have in the works for your hubs, your honeybuns, your baby daddy, the love of your life? 
They work hard to take care of us and to be good  husbands and fathers.

I say we cut 'em some slack this year. It's a lot of pressure on them to make holidays romantic. I know for my Mr. that it's a struggle for him to know what will impress me and what will fall flat. I have high expectations. I won't lie. I melt over heart felt cards with hand written sentiments positively dripping in romance and appreciation for my daily contributions to our family. However. It's is not in my hubsies nature to know all of this without some massive hints. 

And so, I present you with my Valentine's success kit. 

  • Step 1. We all fantasy shop. It gives us something to do while the husbands play fantasy football. ( Thank             goodness that's all over for a short while.) I say let him in on your secret stash of wish lists. Most sites allow you to create these lists and to make them public. My favorite forum for fantasy shopping is Nordstrom's.  I just can't get enough of lazily picking out the shiny objects that would be mine were I to win the lottery (a long shot as I've never bought a lottery ticket and never intend to.)  If you are short on time, feel free to steal mine. Go on, take it.
  • Even if it's out of budget to order one of these items (like it is for me),  it gives him a sense of what your taste is, what you feel are romantic gifts for the occasion, and what would really knock your socks off ;) Isn't that really the point?
  • Step 2: Electronic love. Stay with me here. We're in a recession. For those of you who are fiscally responsible, or like me, aspire to be so, I've got the path to V-Day success for you as well. You don't have to be a big spender to go big this V-Day. Say it on the new billboard. Send him some love via your blog, facebook or twitter pic.  
  • There's the always irreverent (and one of my classic favorites) Some E Cards. There are political, flirtatious, or hilarious options to celebrate your love here.  Por example...

Or, this may be the best of all. Check out one of my new favorite blogs that is made entirely of reader submissions to the loves in their lives. There are some great images to swipe to express your love to your honey bunches of oats. Get inspired here. These are my picks. 

Happy V-Day E.E.Newsfeed fans. We wish you all the love in the universe this St. Valentine's Day.



Mr. Lacy said...

Aww, you are as generous as you are lovely, sweetheart.

P.McReynolds said...

You bring love to everyone around you. Thank you for being such a generous soul. Love to you and your family. Happy V-Day to all of you.

Aunt Dean said...

can't wait for you to visit,hurry!

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