Birthday Boy

The Nugget celebrated a little birthday a month ago now. I'm just posting pictures. I still haven't sent out the thank you notes. I'm terrible with thank you notes. I want you to know it's not that I'm terribly ungrateful or that I don't know any better. I have been sick with stress about it for three weeks now. Miss Manners would be appalled. Luckily, all the party attendants know me and how much I love all of them and that I'm a scatter-brained Lucille Ball when it comes to... well... most things. One day soon, I'm going to be that friend that always answers the phone on the second ring and replies to facebook posts within minutes. One day.

Anyway, here are the amazing photos I'm reposting from here. My awesome friend, Suzanne, took these under the worst possible picture-taking conditions and they, of course, still came out beautifully because she's a rock star. Do check out her site for more of her amazing work (that wasn't produced in a cave like these pictures).

I promise that the Nugget had a great time and did smile quite a few times. To be honest, he was laser focused on convincing everyone to give him a bite if cake. I'm pretty sure he succeeded in his Nugget mission.

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