Tidy Up Tuesday Tutorial

Alliteration makes me all tingly. Anywho, guess what else floats my boat? A little obsessive compulsive indulgent behavior.  I love to see things organized and germ-free. It makes me feel warm, calm, and smiley. At my house, I don't have to go to far to find a mess to conquer--- usually courtesy of the Nugget or Hubins. 

However, this one is all ME.

My train case needs some serious love. Not only is it fun to have a tidy make-up organization system, but there's no reason to let bacteria live on things that touch your lovely, lovely face. 

First order of business is your brushes. I spray my brushes with an anti-bacterial daily brush spray after each use, but once a week, those babies deserve a nice bubble bath. When I'm just washing them for my own use, I use a high quality shampoo to remove oils and make-up and follow up with a light conditioner on the natural hair brushes. However, this time I'm gearing up the arsenal to do a friend's make-up so I brought in the big guns. 

Here's what you need:

  • teensy dab of dish soap (to remove oils)
  • teensy dab of disinfectant (to kill germs)

Step 1:Fill a dish with hot water and the two soaps. I'll recycle. I'll buy organic produce. Just leave me alone with my toxic chemicals while I'm cleaning things.

Have your assistant sort out the brushes for you. Maybe offer him some assistance himself if it seems that he has too much eyeshadow on his face to be effective at this.

Dunk 'em. Allow them to enjoy their soapy, little hot tub for an hour or so. Rinse them in cold water like your hair to keep them sleek and shiny.

Squeeze them out, and lay them on a paper towel to dry over night. 

Step: 2  
Throw in those sqeeky clean and dry brushes after you've removed everything from your case, thrown away expired or extraneous make-up, and wiped the container down with disinfectant wipes. A warm, soapy cloth works as well if you are prepared to let it dry. At my house, I have a ten minutes tops for a project before my assistant is on to the the next thing and starts demanding almond milk in protest. 

Sort your make-up into groupings according to purpose:





Then, fill 'er on up.

Almost there...

And shazaam! Your make-up case isn't going to be the only one lookin' good.
Go on with yo'self.

Email me your pics of your Tidied-Up Make Up and I will post it before the tutorial next week. Now get busy.

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Chanda said...

How about the next tutorial on how to oragnize your jewellery? Mr.C is going nuts with all mine in a big ball. I dont have enough make to organize, it all goes into a big glass bowl, will forward pic!

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