Free to Be Me

The Hubs and I popped out for a bite to eat and a bit of shopping last night. I wore this. 

Sparkly Grey Top: Nordstrom
Sweater: Old Navy
Heavenly swooshie skirt: Anthropologie
Tights: Target
Shoes: Famous footwear

Mom fashion is so relaxing. People are just glad to see me out of sweatpants. No one expects you to know what's cool. I'm always impressed when other moms don't have sticky hand prints two feet up their leg like I so often do. "How'd she do that?! She's clearly some sort of superhero?" So, I have a bit of lingering baby weight. Life is doing what you can with you've got. And right now, I've got a few extra ell bees lying around in places I don't want to think about on a Friday night. I can just have fun. Outstanding sense of freedom. Really the kind of freedom I've never felt in my body and fashion choices. 


A Big Thank-er-roo to the cutest neighbors I've ever had for making our outing possible by sitting on the nugget.


Suzanne said...

Lacy, soooo glad you posted this you looked exquisite! Thanks for sharing your nugget with us, I'll take you up on that anytime!

p.s. I can't stop smiling about the coat. You guys are too sweet!

Charlie St. Cloud said...

Thats one fine lookin' lady.

Jen Elmo said...

love. love. LOVE the outfit.

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