Um... let's win this thing.

Ok, so I do not often enter drawings, sweepstakes, or things of this nature. I mean, I'm  lucky enough in life to have friends and family like you lot that I don't have to go around borrowing dreams and winning boats and such, ya know?

HOWEVER, I just couldn't pass this up.

And I had to share because I'm pretty sure I have the highest awesome girl photographer to number of friends ratio of anyone ever.

 You'll want check these sites out if you are in need of photography...

http://suzbushmanphotography.blogspot.com (she took the picture in my blog header)
and Candice doesn't have a website but pretty much any picture you've seen of Max on this blog (before last month or so) are Candice's awesome work.

Rock stars. All of them.

The point is... I've just seen the most awesome camera bag ever. It was on one of my favorite blogs : the Daybook. AND.... she's giving one away. You heard me. Run don't walk over there to enter this if you have a camera you'd like to protect in style. If you do not, still enter it the giveaway, win the bag, and hand it over. I meant, please.  Happy Tuesday.


ENTER ENTER ENTER. http://tandsdaybook.blogspot.com/2011/02/you-remember-my-fancy-new-camera-bag.html                                  

PS. Here's your Max fix. Junkies.

Click on image to make giant Super Max.

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