Off to grandma's house-- then to Uncle Karl's.

So, I don't often get too worked up about upcoming films. I'll see 'em if I see 'em. Whatever. However, since I first saw a teaser for the upcoming "Red Riding Hood" movie....I've been like a teenage girl waiting outside the movie theater that's playing "Breaking Dawn" on opening weekend.

Fine. I've been like ME waiting for "Breaking Dawn." Let's don't get too caught up in all my comparisons.

Anyway, the costumes look dreamy. And I fantasize about having Amanda Seyfried's head of hair for my very own head.  If there were an oscar for best hair in all of history--- well then, at least, someone would have said one nice about  the "Mama Mia" movie.

I digress.

I'm going. I'm getting a baby sitter and I'm going. Who's coming with me? Here's a peek.

So, I'm planning my fairy tale wardrobe. You know, for when the Electric Elmo Newsfeed gets turned into a fairy tale. Right after I write it. So that I can wear this...


No one says fairy tale like Chanel. These looks are from the SS11 Haute show, not so many fashion weeks ago. They are like cupcakes for my eyeballs. I love all of the edgy looks coming out of London fashion week, but the warmer temperatures we've been experiencing lately are making me crave the pale, pale pinks of the spring shows. Yum. 

Now, in my little fairy tale, I'll need something to wear after my fall from princess-y grace, and before the handsome and rougish Prince Elmo comes to rescue me from the evil wolves or ninja dwarfs or what-have-you. I'm thinking the Chanel Cruise '11 show will do nicely.


And Mrs. Elmo lived, happily, ever after. 

With one jr. tiny, ninja dwarf to do her bidding. 


Erica said...

I'm so with you on that one. I totally want to see that movie! Let's wear red capes and get in line at 7 pm for the midnight showing.

North Meets South

Meredith said...

holy cow that is one adorable child. makes me wanna wake mine up and go play with him almost ... but i so won't. i'm not that crazy:) welcome to the Mormon fashion bloggers list too lady!!

Cesar Chavez said...

Tiny ninja dwarf! Great post!

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