"All I'm saying is, one of us might need a little nap... "

Name that movie!

Sundays are the best days for a little mea culpa action, I think.

I wrote and (deleted a moment later) a super boring, cranky pants post yesterday. HOPEFULLY, because I like you guys, you were spared seeing it. I understand that some people caught it in their feeds, though, and for that I'm very very sorry. I think the Newsfeed may have been a little hormonal and sleep deprived yesterday. After a long nap and some chocolate, I think Mr. Newsfeed is breathing a sigh of relief. The tantrums are back in the one-year-old's court where they belong :)

The setbacks to my diet were worth the lives that were saved.

I do not want the Newsfeed to be a soap box or a complaint box. I want it to be a box that explodes with Kate Spade confetti and one thousand laughs when you take the time out of your busy day to stop by and see us.  So in order to make some restitution for my ranty rant yesterday, I want to bring you some sunshine and gratitude for all the wonderful things in the World o' Newsfeed this week.

  • Max wore a ridiculous outfit all day Friday. Papa Elmo put a shirt on him that said, "President of Grandma's Fanclub." I didn't say a word and giggled at him all day. 
  • Max and I got to do baby yoga again with our amazing yoga instructor Katie and our most adorable neighbors. Baby Grace wore a tiny flash dance outfit. Pictures here. If you're looking for kids yoga, or grown up yoga in the area, let me know and I'll get you in touch.
  • We got to have dinner with my dear friend, Morgan, who's recently moved to town. It was so sweet of him to drive all the way out the the 'burbs to hang out with the Elmos. Our city's awesome quotient pretty much went up ten-fold with his arrival. 
  • I've been sorting through my closet picking out the most wonderful finds to send on an adventure. So excited to announce their new home. 
  • I'm packing to go visit my family that I haven't seen in weeks and weeks. I pretty much have the most brilliantly wonderful aunties in the world and I haven't been able to visit them for ages. We're coming, Aunts!
  • I have the most wonderful Sunday school class full of bright, adorable smiles to which I'm able to look forward to each Sunday morn. 
So again, I'm sorry for the Cranky Pants McGee moment yesterday. I appreciate all of you standing by the Newsfeed and tuning in again. I know I've deleted sites from my feed for waaay less annoying posts :) I'm still a very green blogger, but this is one lesson I won't have to learn twice.

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