Fantasy Shopping: Dirty Dancing Edition

So, last night I recalled my adolescence when Mr. Newsfeed and I watched Dirty Dancing on Netflix on demand. For those of you who didn't watch this movie at every childhood sleepover haven't seen it, it's the coming of age story of a girl who goes to stay at a summer retreat with her family, meets a dreamy dance instructor, and learns that there's more to life than the foxtrot.

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all screenshots are from leavemethewhite.com

"I carried a watermelon."
(click "read more" to see more stills and see the fantasy shopping that ensued)

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

In order to live out this 1960's summer camp in what I call my very rich fantasy life, I'm going to need the following items:

A Pair of amazing dancing shoes (these are Lavin via Barneys.com)

A perfect but demure frock with which to capture the attentions of the dreamy dance instructor. (This one is by David Szeto via)

A flouncy, dainty number that will spin when I spin. This one comes in pink, kids. Yup. It's by Rochas via.

Okay, so this Kate Spade bag isn't 100% necessary to the whole illusion, but I want it because it will likely make spring come a little faster because of it's pinkness.

Goodness help me, I never wanted a single Ked while Marissa from the "O.C." was hocking them, but I want them after watching this movie. The whiter, the better. find them here.

Watch the movie.
Break out the Ked's if you've got 'em.
Do a mean dance along to "I've Had the Time of My Life."
Leave me a comment letting me know what movie reminds you of your childhood.


Jess said...

I was always confused as to why a movie set in the 80s — right? I've only seen it once — would have costumes from the 50s, but then I realized that 80s fashion was just 50s fashion re-imagined. I should probably just see the movie again, ha!

nekoknits said...

the movie "Legend" and "The Neverending Story" are so ingrained in my mind as childhood movies. I was SO in love with those beautiful dresses the lovely maidens wore. I want an excuse to wear one someday...and lets not get started about the jewellery! What can I say I love all that sparkles

Candice K. Palmer said...

Goodness that Rochas dress is brilliant! I loved old movies when I was living in the 80's. Find me some dresses from an old Audrey Hepburn movie & I'll be happy.

nekoknits said...

Ohhh I heard "I've Had the Time of My Life" blaring out at this Carnival we had at school yesterday. I was the only one but I jumped up and started dancing and singing...must be my age showing that I actually remember where the song came from

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